Have you ever wondered what it's like to EXIST? 

Well wonder no more! With the patented Existence Simulator™, you'll get a feel for what it's like to be alive right now

Includes the February 2022 Major Update!

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(25 total ratings)
AuthorJesse's Games
TagsClicker, Idle, Life Simulation
Average sessionA few minutes

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"Get On Twitter"

Well, that aged like fine wine!

Game suggestion: add "investment" as another form of passive income


needs to be harder.  i didnt know autoclickers made anxiety go up faster at first, so i thought the game was pretty hard, then i realized that and the game just became boring and easy, but i think it could be pretty good with some updates

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irl or otherwise i will never buy an nft <3


They're just as useful in the game as they are in real life!

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Houses are more expensive than passing laws to make sure that people can live normally. Jeebus. 

Not a game complaint or anything


reached immortality, no longer cared for my anxiety bar as it seemed to do nothing, and I still couldn't afford the house. maybe I shouldn't have spent all that money on equipment and laws.


brainfuck is part of advanced coding lmao

why isn't there a pause button? I need to walk away sometimes...


"just like in real life..."


we are jesse's games now XD 


But what if I don't want to buy an NFT?


I don't either, don't worry.


Thank god.

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So things that I noticed and not sure if ment to be.

Anxiety you gain per second increases how fast a day passes, yet isn't countered by the clicker game part of the system, meaning that if you generate any Anxiety after using up all of the options that reset or lower your Anxiety per second, the days will pass quickly regardless.

There really needs to be some more ways to generate "Missed Opportunities" as I see it, it caps at 1.43 no matter what I have bought which, feels low for the need of them over the course of the game, expecially with the above noted.

Also with the idea that the Canabis is the only way to generate Knowledge per second is kinda limiting on the scope of things in my book, it says that the only way to do something is to do drugs, even if its the stuff designed for anxiety, there should be other ways to generate the same result without going to that method.

Also, That House... Need too much money to get it. I mean, why the heck am I working as a Game Dev and only getting 19$ a second? I mean, come on...

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When you become a world controlling collective consciousness but you're kinda sad because smoking weed doesn't feel as good as it did because you did it a few times 50 years ago and that was enough to build tolerance.

I got the immortality  before turning 50, got the world presidency, and the only thing left to buy is the cann*bis... what else should be there?

I belileve that my post and episodes don't add to my money/s and influence/s. Only the original gain is working.

money/s should be 98$/s. 3 hire of freelancer cost 75$ , and still i'm losing money each second.

Same with the influence, I'm not taking full advantage of the freelancer :(


This new update is AWESOME, way better than the last one (i just die in 1 minutes)


Really need a save system...

I stoped a breakdown at 934 anxiety

What was your anxiety/s?

I don't know, it required ALL the products though.


I think the game tells a story you don't intend it to. Your commentary is, I believe, intended to be on how hard life is as a millenial, etc.

What it comes across as, especially towards the end, is more about the way a progressive society pushes people towards laziness. The government gives more and more handouts, and so the people happily sit at home getting fat and lazy.


found the conservative

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Where's W-DarethMortuus1987-aldo?


It's a stupid Where's Waldo reference.


Needs a save feature badly! I just logged in so I could post comments, and I've got from trying to get jerseys, to the start again...

if I can be bothered to get back to that point... I hope a rebirth feature is coming soon!


I feel called out. And seen. Also fuck you.


I've achieved immortality, and yet I still can't buy a house because I don't have the money. This certainly makes me feel like a millennial in America today.

You're doing something wrong then... I got the house easily at that point.


Done with the game. Enjoyed. Thanks.


Is there any way to save your progress? I didn't see anything and assumed it autosaved. I decided to log in to make a comment and the whole game had reset by the time it redirected me back here.

And as for my actual comment, when I have the page active my cash was increasing, but when I had it in the background I found that I had been losing cash when I came back, is there anything intentional in that?

I really like this game, and would be interested in exploring it more, but not if I can't let it idle/reload.


+1 for save system. I lost my save twice today.

blogging confuses me. it says i make $84/s from blogging, yet my money decreases if automation is turned on due to the $75/h payment for freelancers?

Hi mynery! Yes the way it works is there is one stream of computation that adds $84/s to your total money, but then there is another, separate stream of computation that subtracts $75 every second. I can see how that is confusing! 

What would be happening is your money should be rapidly increasing, and then every second, $75 is subtracted. If you're seeing that your money per second is higher than $75 and yet your total money continues to decrease, let me know! 

I noticed the same thing, I was making over $75/s but my money was stuck at 0. It seemed like I didn't start gaining money until I was making over $100/s.

Thank you for the additional details. I'll be digging into this one when I have the chance!

maybe try to merge the streams of computation into one,  so we have some kind of net gain.

It stuck on the load page

Ah I figured this one out -- games that use `localStorage`, a native Browser-based method of keeping track of game data -- can't access it for folks who are not logged in to itch.io. For example, if you try to play a game that uses `localStorage` in Incognito mode, you'll get localstorage errors in the console. 

In the most recent update yesterday, I've omitted localstorage access completely so that anyone can play Existence Simulator regardless of logged in status. 

440 years and counting. I quite like this immortality simulator :D

After 836 years my tab crashed and I don't know why. Otherwise I would have gotten even further (no cheats).
Also on Firefox at least, if I click on your twitter handle, I get an error "twitter doesn't allow to redirect bla bla bla". This results in the game disappearing and me having to reload the tab and start from scratch.

how do you even cheat in a game like this lol

It was easy before the update. Just click exist, until you reach 999 Anxiety. Never cry. Now you will passively gain age without the anxiety.

So, not so much cheating, but cheesing?

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...the game is incomplete.

Looking at the source code, anything from "Take out a loan" onwards has not yet been implemented. (Check upgrades.ts)

Thanks for your feedback! While I think there is something to be said about its current state as a social commentary on modern existence, I do plan on releasing additional updates (namely, upgrades and triggers) when I have time. How far did you make it?


Using setIntervals and click events, I was able to get to about 3500 years old.

Hey I just pushed a new version -- check it out!


Done; Took a few tries, but the game holds up well.

game is too hard for me, no matter what ypu do increases anxiety and makes you die even faster.
I literally cant scroll down to even see the options to buy without the bar filling to the max and game over :-/


Thanks for your feedback! It's interesting that the more time we spend on possible choices we can make in life, the more we have to remember to check on our mental health--lest it get out of control and we spiral into a nervous breakdown c.c


well you can only decrease the anxiety bar by crying.
which in turn increases the anxiety per second which makes the bar fill even faster.

Being alive is a pain :'-(


Hooray Existence!

I just pushed a new version -- check it out!

well one of the first games were inproving the autominer also makes the game way harder :O

got to 348 years old. good game! is there a way to 'win' the game or is it just survive as long as possible? I saw buying a house makes you lose 500 anxiety but I couldn't work enough to afford it.

So the more lost opportunities I gain and the more I cry, the older I get. Well... You had a nervous breakdown at 363 years old.


You made it 363 years! WOW! I think that makes you qualified to suggest additional things to buy in "try your best." As soon as you unlock the ability to "work," I was thinking about having some items (like a weighted blanket) you could buy at $20 and $40 price points. In one version that I scrapped, I had random medical conditions appear throughout your life, ultimately limiting your maximum age to somewhere around 100. 

The highest I've managed to get is 191. 

With the "idle game" in a game mechanic, it's pretty easy to get to a point where you pretty much can't lose. I've currently got -31/s anxiety. Would be easy to get more if I could be bothered.